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Throne of Darkness: Patch 1.10 erschienen!

1 Bilder Throne of Darkness: Patch 1.10 erschienen!
Der neue Patch zum Spiel "Throne of Darkness" ist in der Version 1.10 erschienen.

Was alles gefixt wurde, seht ihr hier:

The following fixes have been implemented with this patch:

1. In a dedicated server, all levels are reset once all players have left the game.

2. WON Game browser now scrolls properly.

3. Timeout errors when joining chat rooms have been fixed.

4. Games (both client and server) can now be run from behind firewalls.

5. Timeouts while joining games should be much more infrequent.

6. Performance has been improved for games running over a modem.

7. Added support for machines with multiple network connections (e.g., LAN and Modem).

Links zum Download findet ihr unter folgendem Link:

Quelle: www.gamigo.de