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Pool of Radiance 2 - Patch Fahrplan

1 Bilder Pool of Radiance 2 - Patch Fahrplan
Die Entwickler von "Pool of Radiance 2" arbeiten hart, um die verbuggte Verkaufsversion durch Patches zu verbessern. Nun wurde eine Art Patch Fahrplan veröffentlicht, der die Aufgaben der nächsten Patches zeigt.

v1.1 - Installer patch is now available for download. This patch provides an entirely new uninstaller and has a work-around for people who want to install Pool of Radiance onto another drive other than C Drive.

v1.2 - Patch is programmed and is now in QA. It fixes the save game corruptions, IP address problems in multiplay, and bug with an NPC near the end of the game. It should be posted by the end of next week.

v1.3 - Patch is already in progress and will fix a large range of issues. It will take a few weeks to program and test.

Quelle: www.gamigo.de