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Doom 3 - Interview

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Die Website "MacWorld" hatte die Möglichkeit Trent Reznor einige Fragen gestellt. Trent ist für die Titelmusik des kommenden Ego-Shooters "Doom 3" zuständig. Er hat als letztes die Titelmusik für das indizierte Spiel "Beben" erstellt.

Ein Auszug aus dem Interview:

Q: After providing the music for Quake, are you scoring any more games?

Reznor: Ive been discussing things with Id Software for Doom III. Its not formalized at this point, but its something I really want to do. When I did Quake, we were still questioning if the audio was going to be streamed off of CD, which if it wasnt was incredibly limiting. But with as interactive as things are now, and as immersive as the engine theyve been working on is graphically, and some of the program is so moody; its like scoring a film. Yet its much more intense than a film because it doesnt always go the same way, it has to be interactive. Plus the mood of the game is so dark and evil, its interesting to me.

Unter folgendem Link findet ihr das komplette Interview:

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Ein sehr intressantes Interview das einige Fans intressieren könnte. Leider enthält es fast keine Infos über Doom 3

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