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C&C: Renegade - Entwicklerupdate

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Nun ist es wieder so weit. Dan Carmack hat wie jede Woche ein Entwicklerupdate zum Actiontitel "C&C: Renegade" veröffentlicht.

Hier das komplette Entwicklerupdate:

Time for my weekly address....

Single player: Basically we are bugggg fixing. Dropped in the new Sniper Rifle and Handgun. Looking very nice, havent given final approval yet but they are very close. Added a 2nd Sakura and Sydney Mobius model for those that like a little variety in their female models when deathmatching... Put in the various Havoc models in different attire (stealth, desert, and winter added to the jungle). Now they are distributed through the single player missions appropriately.
Tightening up the levels. I expect to be looking at levels 5-7 this weekend as my review.

Multi-play: The tactics are getting evolved. Watched two mammoths backed up by a bunch of engineers (repairing damage) block an entrance to the Nod base and literally pound it to pieces. Later I was among the ranks of the brothers and was driving a Nod light tank. A mammoth came around the corner from the GDI base and was so busy trying to eliminate another Nod vehicle and myself he didnt notice he had his left tread on the edge of a ledge. He got himself up around 45 degrees (left tread higher) before he realized he was in trouble. I was able to rush in and wedge myself underneath him in a spot where he couldnt move and couldnt depress the barrels to hit me. I was able (with help) to pound him to pieces from underneath and then I promptly ran over the driver when he popped out after the mammoth exploded.

It is also pretty cool to see waves of Nod Flamethrowers going after the harvester. Harvesters are tough but you cant leave them undefended.

We are routinely playing with 30+ people and it is feeling very nice. Modifying and simplifying the MP interface a bit to provide more feedback and be more intuitive. Should be done with it by next report.


Spacemarines Meinung:
Da hat uns Dan Carmack mal wieder einiges Neues über "Command & Conquer Renegade" verraten.

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